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Everyone has talent, but not everyone gets the opportunity to show that talent.  Opportunity comes once in a lifetime, and this is your chance to show what you've got, Opportunity is knocking!
*10% of the proceeds goes to the D'Addairo Foundation For Music Education* To Watch Video Click Here


Steps to Apply
1.  Review the Opportunity Knocks Talent Show Official Rules



The following guidelines have been developed by the planning committee to ensure the success and fairness of the contest:

Application are open to persons 10 years and older.

Application Fee: $10 (Non-Refundable) entry fee per individual must accompany solo application.   $15 + $5 (Non-Refundable) for each member entry fee must accompany group application.

Talent must be no longer than 4 minutes for solo; 41/2 minutes for groups. One (1) point will be deducted for every 15 seconds over time limit.

Online registration is required and can be found at: Participants must register, review their information and then click the button “Information is Correct, Continue” button.  Your application fee must be submitted with the form.

Every person in the act must sign off on the “Contract and Permission Form” on the day of auditions. NO performer may audition without a signed form.

All applicants will be contacted by December 31, 2019 for notification of acceptance or non-acceptance to the competition. Performers will be selected by the Opportunity Knocks Talent Show Committee.

This Talent show is a family-oriented event. All acts, lyrics, dancing, costumes, attire, language and behavior must be appropriate for all ages. Opportunity Knocks Talent Show committee reserves the right to immediately withdraw any Performer(s) that does not comply.

A variety of acts are encouraged—singing, playing a musical instrument, dancing, performing in a skit, doing magic tricks, performing stand-up comedy, juggling, or any other unique talent! The talent show will be presented at 5:00 P.M. at Lauderhill Performing Arts Center on Sunday, April 26, 2020.  Each of the selected contestants to appear during the event MUST report to the stage one (1) hour prior to the start of the show.

ALL LYRICS MUST BE APPROPRIATE IN EVERY   This includes any song being sung, performed by an instrumentalist, or danced to. A “clean” version of a song with explicit lyrics is not acceptable—the original song must be appropriate in every way!

Lyrics must be printed and attached to the “Application Form.” This includes any song being used in the performance Lip sync is not allowed.

Accompaniments may be live or recorded. Any acts using recorded music must have two CDs. Make sure that the CDs can be played on any CD player! CDs must be properly labeled with the name of individual or group listed. All songs must be edited prior to auditions.

It is the Performer’s responsibility to get the accompanying music back after the show.

All acts must be fully prepared for the audition—words memorized, choreography completed, etc.

Costumes must be described on the Audition Form.

Auditions are MANDATORY for all applicants selected and will be notified of the date, time and location for your auditions. Acts must be performance ready at auditions.  The top acts will be selected to perform on Sunday, April 26, 2020.

Contestants MUST perform the same act in the final show as was performed in the audition, including the exact same attire worn

All performers need to attend the entire Talent Show.

A panel of five to seven (5-7) judges, selected by the Talent Show Committee, will judge contestants.

The decisions of the judges are final.

Judges will base their evaluation in the following categories for both the audition and final show:  Showmanship, Creativity, Content, & Quality of Act

Each contestant must be available to perform when their name is called. Substitutions will not be allowed

All act equipment is the sole responsibility of the act. The Talent Show Committee and the Chief Theater assumes no liability for said equipment or responsibility for procurement if same.

No modification to stage acts, equipment or sound is to be made without the approval of the Talent Show Stage Manager and coordinator. All light cues, sound cues, etc. MUST be provided in writing on the day of auditions. Any changes requested must be approved by the Talent Show Manager prior to the final rehearsal. NO CHANGES WILL BE ALLOWED ON THE DAY OF THE SHOW.

The Talent Show Committee assumes no responsibility for any expense, meals, transportation or rooms of any contestant.

The Opportunity Knocks Talent Show will be videotaped. It also will be photographed by an Official ForLifeTV Photographer.  No unauthorized photography or videotaping of the show will be allowed.

Submission of entry form does not ensure acceptance. The Opportunity Knocks Talent Show Committee approval is required.

A completed Entry Form must include Description of the act, One paragraph biography for each performer with background information, names of all the contestants, ages and where they are from, talent contests performed in and how you have finished and other information that could be used in introducing your act, Include all technical requirements and whether your act will use a CD.

Performances are limited to 4 -41/2 minutes in duration. Acts longer than 4 1/2 minutes will be cut down for time.

Wi-Fi not provided. Please plan accordingly.

A maximum of 5 microphones will be provided.

A DJ will be providing the P.A. System.

The Performer will receive (2) free Day passes to enter the Performing Arts Center (one for the Performer and one for a guest). All other guests, friends and family must purchase a ticket to enter the Talent Show.  Guests, friends and family of Performers are not allowed in the backstage area during the performance.

Entrant agrees to comply with the rules and regulations of the Opportunity Knocks Talent Show as prescribed and listed in this form, or additional rules that are deemed necessary for the safe conduct of the talent contest and related activities. Failure to comply may cause denial of entry on the day of competition or jeopardize future participation.

2.  Pay the application fee via the PayPal button below ($10 non-refundable entry fee per individual must accompany solo application. $15 + $5 for each member non-refundable entry fee must accompany group application.)


3.  Download the Opportunity Knocks Application Form and Email your application to: by December 20, 2019